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school within one (1) year will be ineligible for Alliance participation

for one (1) year regardless of the reason for transfer.

L. 7th and 8th grade students may not participate in Varsity contact sports (Football, Soccer, Futsal, Baseball and Basketball).

M. Infraction of these rules automatically results in forfeiture of all games in which the infractions occurred.

N. Students in grades seventh (7th) through twelfth (12th) will not be able to participate in any competition within the same academic year in more than one institution.

A. All officials assigned to an athletic contest must be registered and/or

competent and qualified to exercise control of the game.

B. The rules set down by the rules committees of the National Federation of State High School Athletic Associations shall be used in all PRHSAA competitions. The PRHSAA Constitution shall be considered the final authority in all matters.

C. Decisions involving the judgment of an official cannot be protested.

D. If a team is not present and ready to play within thirty (30) minutes after the regular scheduled time for the contest, the team which is present wins the game by forfeit, unless the favored school rejects the forfeiture or the Protest Committee rules differently. In the event of a scheduled second game, an additional (15) fifteen minutes wait period will be allowed before a forfeit is declared.

E. Play may only begin if a full-time faculty or administration member of each competing school is present. The above-mentioned person must identify him/herself to the representative of the other school and remain present throughout the duration of the contest. If within thirty (30) minutes after the regularly scheduled time for the contest, a team is still not accompanied by a full-time faculty or administration member, that team forfeits. A second contest, if scheduled, will also result in a forfeit.

F. The signed final schedule represents a formal agreement between schools that the competition will be held as scheduled. Changes in scheduled contests are not to be made, except under extreme circumstances.

1. In the event that a game cannot be played or completed due to weather or field conditions, darkness, safety or security reasons, it shall be the responsibility of the athletic directors of the involved schools to mutually agree upon the date, time, and site to play the contest prior to the championship tournament of that sport.

The athletic director of the home team is responsible for notifying the commissioner of such changes and for notifying the officials sufficiently in advance.

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