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2. In the event that a school wishes to make a schedule change due to circumstances not contemplated when the final schedule was signed, the athletic director of that school must request the commissioner's authorization before contacting the other school. The commissioner will be responsible for considering and evaluating the basis for the requested change and will have the prerogative to determine if the affected school may approach the other school with the proposed change. If the approach is allowed, the other school will have the option of accepting or rejecting the proposed change. If accepted, it shall be the responsibility of the athletic directors of the involved schools to mutually agree upon the date, time, and site to play the contest prior to the championship tournament of that sport.

Such agreed changes must be arranged sufficiently in advance to allow for the athletic director of the home team to notify the commissioner and the officials of the arrangements no less than seven (7) days prior to date on which the contest was originally scheduled or the newly scheduled date, whichever is earlier. Failure to comply with this rule shall result in forfeiture of the contest by the team(s) at fault.

G. The home team in soccer, indoor soccer, football, and basketball will wear a light colored jersey; the visiting team will wear a contrasting dark colored jersey. Team must wear same color shirt and same color pants.

H. A team or participant may not participate in more than seven (7) invitational tournaments in any sport during a scholastic year.

    1. Each school will make an official report to the Alliance office of all tournaments in which their teams have participated during each    sports season. This report is due in the league office no later than seven days following the last day of each season. The report format is provided by the Alliance and is to be signed by both official representatives.

    2. Failure to submit the report of tournament participation to the Alliance office no later than seven days after the end of each season, a fine of $100 will be imposed.

I. Expulsion of a player or member of the coaching staff from a league’s competition will result in suspension from the next league competition. All schools must comply with this sanction and report their compliance in writing to the commissioner of the sport. Failure to do so, within seven (7) days, will be considered a serious infraction.

J. If the officials are not present thirty (30) minutes after the regular scheduled time both games will be suspended.

K. Championship tournament placement in case of all ties will be decided according to which team won over the other during the season. If the two teams won over each other during the season, placement shall be decided according to which team had more total points in the games played against each other. If a tie persists, placement will be decided by the flip of a coin by the commissioner in the presence of the athletic directors of the affected schools.

L. An Alliance post season championship tournament will be scheduled yearly and will take place at the conclusion of the regular season play for each sport male and female and the varsity, junior varsity and junior

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