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Committee. In this letter the school should present the reasons for this appeal. This letter must be received within seven (7) days after the receipt of the certified/registered letter of the Committee's decision is received. If any of these requirements are not met the request will not be accepted. After reviewing an appeal the Executive Committee's decision will be final.

F. Decisions of the Executive Committee will be sent by 1st. Class Mail, Fax or Electronic Mail (email).

G. The committee will have the responsibility for evaluation of those schools interested in becoming members of the Alliance.

H. Two (2) committee members will have the responsibility with the commissioner of each sport to negotiate contracts and recommend them to the committee for approval.

I. The committee will make reports as necessary about all committee business and will supply minutes to the Alliance secretary


A. A Protest Committee will be composed of the Alliance president and four (4) Council representatives, the latter being elected by the Council at the first meeting of the school year.

In the absence of the president, the vice-president will become a voting member of the committee. The commissioner of the sport involved in the protest will have voice but no vote.

B. The committee will elect a chairman from among its number at its first meeting each year.

C. A quorum for meetings will be two members and the Alliance president or vice-president. In the absence of the president and vice-president quorum will be the four elected members.

D. Protests must be hand delivered or mailed postmarked within three (3) days of the end of the contest, not counting Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, to the Protest Committee chairperson, the administrative head of the protesting school, the Alliance President, and the commissioner of the sport.

E. A protest must have the signed endorsement of the administrative representative of the school making the protest.

F. A $50 fee shall be submitted with each protest by the protesting school. If the school wins the protest, the fee shall be returned to the school. If the protesting school loses the protest, the fee shall be deposited in the Alliance treasury.

G. Should a protest be prepared and submitted, according to the above regulations, which directly affects the post-schedule tournament, the tournament will be suspended until the protest committee has made determination on the protest.

H. The Committee will be responsible for making decisions on all protests based on the application and interpretation of the rules covering athletic events. The committee chairperson will cite an official representative of

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