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BY-LAW 16. PROTEST (Grievance) COMMITTEE (cont.)
each school directly affected by a protest to the meeting at which that

protest will be discussed.

He will also invite to the same meeting any other individuals e.g. officials, commissioners, coaches) whose presence he deems necessary in order to insure that the committee hears all sides of the issue under protest. The committee chairman will issue such citations and invitations either in personal conversation, by telephone communication, by fax or by mail. Should any of these representatives not be present at the hearing, the committee will proceed at its own discretion.

I. The committee will communicate its decisions in writing to the administrative representative of the protesting school, the administrative representative of the protested school, the Alliance president, and the commissioner of the sport within a reasonable time of receiving a protest.

J. Decision(s) of the Protest Committee are considered final and not subject to appeal.


A. A Finance Committee will be composed of the Alliance President and two (2) Council Representative and two (2) members of the Executive and Evaluation Committee. The two (2) members of the Council will be elected on the August meeting. An absence of the President, the Vice President will become voting member of the Committee.

B. The Committee will have the responsibility for evaluation of all finance matters, President, Vice President, Executive Committee's stipends, Commissioners' stipends and other finance matters with regard of the Alliance.

C. The Finance Committee will have the responsibility of purchasing and distributing all awards.

D. The Committee will come with reports and recommendations to the Council in the January meeting and May meeting.

A. A minimum of three game officials (referee, umpire, and head linesman)

will be furnished by the home school.

B. An adult will handle the down-marker and will be furnished by the home school.

C. A running score will be kept where it is visible to the players and public.

D. A suitable barrier will be erected around the field at a minimum distance of five (5) yards from sidelines and end lines.

E. All non-official personnel will remain outside the barrier when the game is in progress.

F. A non-toxic line marking material will be used for marking the field.

G. The home team will provide for the presence of a qualified physician or

trained paramedical help and ambulance, from thirty (30) minutes before

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