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game time until the end of the game. Games may not be played if this

provision has not been met.

H. The winner of the Alliance league championship may play in a post- schedule game if desired.

I. Coaches are not allowed to scout scrimmages or practices.

J. The home team is responsible for lining the field and having adults

supervising the first-down indicators.

K. Two official game balls are to be provided by the home team for each game.

L. Players in a fight in a game automatically are out of the game.

M. Every team must have a statistician and have statistics turned in to the commissioner by the Monday following each game so that all-star balloting by coaches can be based on statistics. The football commissioner will mail the statistics of all games to all coaches each week according to an approved format.

N. The football schedule will not exceed ten (10) games, with the opportunity of one (1) additional post-schedule game for the champion team.

A. A minimum of two (2) game officials (referee and umpire) will be

required for competition and will be paid by the home school.

B. An adult timer and an adult scorer will be furnished by the home school. Those will be the official timer and scorer.

C. A running score will be kept where it is visible to the players and public.

D. Unless mutually agreed to the contrary, the junior varsity game will be

played before the varsity game.

E. The playing time for boys Jr. Varsity & Varsity will be four (4) quarters of eight (8) minutes each with intermissions of one (1) minute after the first and third quarters and ten (10) minutes between halves. The playing time for girls Jr. Varsity and Jr. High will be four (4) quarters of six (6) minutes each with intermission of one (1) minute after the first and third quarters and ten (10) minutes between halves.

F. If any portion of the first half is not completed because of rain or any other causes, the entire game will be replayed. If any portion of the second half is not completed because of rain or other causes, the game will resume at the point of interruption on a mutually agreeable date.

G. An Alliance tournament will be scheduled yearly to take place at the conclusion of the regular season play on the varsity, junior varsity and junior high levels.

H. All-star games, varsity and junior varsity will be scheduled to take place.

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