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A. An official game is seven (7) innings with four and one half (41/2)

innings necessary in case of suspension because of rain or darkness.

B. A minimum of two (2) officials (umpire and referee) will be required for competition and will be paid by the home school.

C. Afternoon games will be scheduled to begin no later than 4:00 PM.

D. Batter's boxes, coaches' boxes, on-deck circles, three foot lines, foul

lines, and the pitcher's circle will be clearly marked.

E. An adult will act as official scorer and will be furnished by the home school.

F. Softball will use the NFHS Rules.


G. An Alliance tournament will be scheduled yearly to take place at the conclusion of regular season play.

H. If darkness, rain or other causes interfere with play so that a game is called by the umpire after becoming a regulation game and with the score tied (as of the end of the last completed inning or with the home team having equaled the visitor's score during the incomplete inning) the game will be considered a suspended game and shall be continued from the point of suspension at a later date.

I. In the event of a suspended game, as in H, the line-up and batting order of each team shall be exactly the same when the game is resumed as the line-up and batting order at the moment of suspension. If this cannot

be suitably arranged, then the entire game shall be replayed.

J. An all-star game will be scheduled to take place yearly.

K. Minimum distances for a home run over an obstacle within the confines of the playing field shall be 250 feet in baseball and 200 feet in softball.

L. A game may end any time after five (5) innings, or after four and a half innings when a team is ten (10) or more runs behind and has completed its turn at bat.

M. The use of metal cleats is not allowed. BY-LAW 21. REGULATIONS FOR WRESTLING

     A. The International Amateur Wrestling Federation (FILA) rules will be used.

     B. The match official will be assigned by the referees’ association. An adult match timer and scorer will be furnished by the home school.

     C. A scoreboard indicating both match score and team score will be situated in a place visible to both the wrestlers and the public.

     D. Alliance competition will be conducted in the following weight categories: 88 pounds, 98, 105, 112, 119,126, 132, 138, 145, 155,165, 175, 185, and unlimited (175 and over).

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