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E. A varsity and junior varsity championship tournament will be held at a site mutually agreed upon by the participating schools. Tournament’s format will be agreed upon by the coaches.

F. To qualify for participation in the official Alliance tournament, a wrestler must have competed in at least one (1) preliminary meet during the regular season.

G. The FILA system of pairing, elimination, and final team standing and individual placement will be used in the annual Alliance wrestling championship.

H. A team must have a minimum of seven (7) wrestlers in order to compete in a dual meet.

I. An official season title based on junior varsity dual meet results will be contested. A 78 pound weight class shall be included in the junior varsity competition.

J. Each coach is responsible for getting dual meet results to the wrestling commissioner. The report must be exact and complete.

K. The commissioner will provide a form for dual meet results at the fall coaches meeting. This form will be used to report results.

A) IAAF rules will be used in all meets with the exceptions indicated in

the By-Laws of the PRHSAA Constitution.

A-1:PRHSAA False Start Rule: Any athlete responsible for a false start shall be warned. Only one (1) false start per race shall be allowed without the disqualification of the athlete(s) responsible for the false start. Any athlete(s) responsible for further false starts in the race will be disqualified.

A-2:PRHSAA - 800m.: When there are more than twelve (12) athletes in a race, they may be divided into two (2) groups with one group of approximately two thirds (2/3)of the athletes on the regular arced start line and the other third (1/3)on a separate arced start line marked across the outer half of the track from lane five (5). The other group shall run as far as the end of the first bend on the outer half of the track, which shall be marked by the cones or flags as described in Rule 160.1.

A-3:PRHSAA 4 x 400m. Relay: In a 4x400m relay, the first 400m will be run entirely in lanes, after that point, athletes may leave their respective lanes.

A-4:PRHSAA Field Events: In all field events for regular season and championship, except for the high jump and Pole vault, each athlete shall be allowed three (3)trials.

A-5: Pole Vault (All track events and Field events: At least three (3) schools must participate in any event during the regular season to be able to acquire points. If this is not possible, the event will be declared as exhibition where the athlete(s) be awarded with medals but the schools will NOT receive point for team competition.

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