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All running events will be timed finals.

(1) High Jump
(2) Discuss (one (1) kilo)

(3) Shot Put (eight (8) pound)

(4) Long Jump
(5) Javelin (600 grams)

I. Change of schedule shall only be made when absolutely necessary. Such change shall be decided by the appointed Referee and the Commissioner but must be accepted by the coaches unanimous. This does not apply to extreme weather conditions such as lightning, etc.

K. In group meets points will be awarded in the individual events for five (5) places as follows: 6, 4, 3, 2, 1; and in relay events for five places as follows: 12, 8, 6, 4, 2.

L. The site for the Alliance’s Championship Meet will be mutually agreed upon by participating schools.

M. Only the top eight (8) times and /or distances will qualify for the Alliance championship meet in the following events:

   (1) 100meters
   (2) 200meters
   (3) 400meters
   (4) 110meterhighhurdles
   (5) 300meterintermediatehurdles

   (6) shotput

   (7) longjump

   (8) triplejump

   (9) highjump

  (10) pole vault

  (11) javelin throw

  (12) discus throw

  (13) 4 x 100

  (14) 4 x 400

Only the top twelve (12) times will qualify for the following events:

  (1) 800 meters

  (2) 1500 meters

  (3) 300 meters

A contestant must have posted these times and/or distances in a preliminary meet during the regular season. Participants for the Alliance championship meet must be registered with the meet manager (for seeds and lane assignments) seventy-two (72) hours prior to meet starting time.

N. Meets will be conducted on the varsity and junior varsity levels. A contestant may participate in only one level in a meet.

O. Junior varsity boys and girls may participate in three (3) events in any meet. The events and the order in which they will be are:

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