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D. Officially assigned numbers will be used during the contests. Numbers assigned are:

1-99          Col. Puertorriqueño de Niñas (CPN)
100-199       Ramey (RAM)
200-299       University High School (UHS)
300-399       Colegio San Ignacio (CSI)
400-499       San Antonio Abad (CSA)
500-599       Antilles High School (AHS)
600-699       Colegio Nstra. Sra. De Belén (BEL)
700-799       Colegio Marista (MAR)
800-899       Wesleyan Academy (WES)
900-999       Colegio San José (CSJ)
1000-1099     Antilles Military Academy (ANT)
1100-1199     Commonwealth High (COM)
1200-1299     Perpetuo Socorro (APS)
1300-1399     Baldwin School (BAL)
1400-1499     St.John's School (STJ)
1500-1599     Notre Dame (CND)
1600-1699     Palmas Academy (TPA)
1700-1799     TASIS School (TAS)
1800-1899     Robinson School(ROB)
1900-1999     Nstra. Sra. De La Providencia (PVD)
2000-2099     Dorado Academy (DOR)
2100-2199     Cupeyville School(CUP)
2200-2299     Bonneville School (BON)
2300-2399     Acad. María Reina (AMR)
2400-2499     Rosa-Bell (ROS)
2500-2599     Col. Beato CMR (BEA)
2600-2699     American Military Academy (AMA)

Other schools will be assigned numbers as they join in Cross Country competition.

E. Distance of the varsity boys’ course shall be exactly 3.0 miles.

F. Distance of the junior varsity and girls’ course shall be exactly 2.0 miles.

G. Distance of the junior high course shall be no more than 1.0 mile.

H. The site of the Alliance’s Championship Tournament Meet will be mutually agreed upon by participating schools.

I. To qualify for participation in the Alliance championship meet a contestant must have competed in a preliminary test.

K. The International Rules will be used in all Cross Country meets.


A. Current USTA rules will be used for all matches.

B. Competition will be conducted at the varsity level with boys and girls

in grades 7-12 eligible.

C. Contestants may enter both singles and doubles events.

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