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D. For a dual meet season each competition shall consist of three (3)

singles matches and one (1) doubles match.
Pro set points will constitute the scoring system for each match.

  2. The winning team will be the one that wins the most games.

In case of a tie in total games:
  a) The winner will be the team that wins the most matches.

  b) If a tie persists, the winner of the match between the first seeded rackets shall be declared the winner.

  3. Each team must provide two cans of new balls per meet.

  4. The matches must be played in the following order: 1st, 2nd racket, followed by 3rd racket and doubles match.

  5. Failure to present competitors in any of the four (4) required matches will result in the forfeiture of the whole meet.

  6. Coaching will be allowed only during players court rotation between games.

  7. Each coach must present the (3) three single matches seeding and players before the start of the competition. Doubles match participants can be presented before the double match begins.

  8. Un-sportsmanlike conduct by a player(s) in a match will be sanctioned as follows:

       a) First - a warning will be given
       b) Second - a point will be taken away

       c) Third - a game will be lost
       d) Fourth - forfeiture of the match

  9. Unless mutually agreed, matches will start at 3:00 p.m. Warm-up should be prior to this time.

E. Team must wear same color shirt with school identification.


A. FIFA rules will be used in all games with only the exceptions indicated in the By-Laws.

B. For junior varsity there will be two (2) twenty (20) minute halves with a five (5) minute break between halves. For varsity there will be two (2) thirty (30) minute halves with a five (5) minute break between halves.

C. Each team is allowed to make an unlimited number of substitutions. These substitutes may enter according to FIFA rules and are allowed to reenter.

D. The FIFA system of warnings and expulsions (red cards and yellow cards) is used by the Alliance and schools are expected to comply with sanctions voluntarily. In addition, all sanctions contained in the latest International Handbook of FIFA regulations shall be applied to violations by players and members of the coaching staff:

  1. One red card will result in suspension from the next league competition.

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