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  2. Three yellow cards will result in suspension from the next league competition.

  3. If an athlete has only one or two yellow cards at the beginning of the championship tournament the cards will be voided.

E. Coaching from the sidelines is permitted up to half field on the side where the team bench is located.

F. If the referee stops a game due to rain or other causes during the first half, the entire game will be replayed. Should he stop the game during the second half, the game will be resumed at the point of interruption on a mutually agreeable date unless the athletic directors of the involved schools agree to have the game considered final without its completion.

G. The home team is responsible for preparing the field with lines of non- toxic marking material, nets, goals, and approach corner markers by game time, or it will forfeit the match. The referee shall decide if the field is adequately prepared.

H. Each player listed on the line-up sheet must have a different numbered jersey.

I. Any student officially suspended from league competition should be so indicated on the line-up sheet.

J. The Alliance championship is determined by the number of points accumulated in Alliance competition according to standard FIFA practice.

K. The tournament’s format will be decided by the coaches at the beginning of the season.

L. To be eligible for junior varsity competitions a student must be in the 7th, 8th or 9th grade and have not reached his 15th birthday by September 1st. of the current year and have not appeared on any varsity soccer roster.

M. The junior varsity contest will precede the varsity contest.

N. For all varsity contests a regulation #5 soccer ball will be used. For

all junior varsity contests a regulation #5 soccer ball will be used.

O. Rosters (line-up) for each game will be submitted to the official on the official triplicate form before each game. Failure to do so will result in forfeit. A student who has not been included in the triplicate form final sheet provided by the league will not be allowed to play once the game commences. The maximum amount of players dressed in uniform at any given time shall not exceed nineteen (19). Violation of this rule will result in forfeit against the school at fault”.


A. FIFA Rules will be used in all games with the following exceptions:

 1. Each team is allowed to make an unlimited number of substitutions. These substitutes may enter only with official permission and according to FIFUSA rules.

 2. There will be two (2) twenty (20) minute halves with a ten (10) minute break between halves.

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