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   b) The corner kick is not carried out within four (4) seconds from the time the player taking the kick takes possession of the ball. The indirect free kick shall be taken from the corner arc.

   c) For any other infringement the corner kick shall be retaken.

6. During a kick-off (start of match, after a goal, at the start of the second half, at the start of the extra period) no player may deliberately aim and kick the ball at the opponent’s head or body. The player will be cautioned or sent off. Play will be restarted with a direct kick by the opposing team.

7. The teams are entitled to request two (2) time-outs per half. A team that does not request one or two time-outs during the first half of the match is still entitled to two time-outs in the second half. Each time-out will have duration of one (1) minute (FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game 2005, Law 8: The teams are entitled to request a one (1) minute time- out in each half).

B. The FIFA system of warnings and expulsions (red and yellow cards) is used by the Alliance and schools are expected to comply with sanctions voluntarily. In addition, all sanctions contained in the latest International Handbook of Indoor Soccer by FIFA regulations shall be applied to violations by players and members of the coaching staff:

1. One red card will result in suspension from the next league competition.

2. Two yellow cards will result in suspension from the next league competition.

3. If an athlete has only one yellow card at the beginning of the championship tournament the card will be voided.

C. An official adult timer/scorer will be furnished by the home school.

D. Two game officials (referee and umpire) will be required for

competition and paid by the home school.

E. Each team will be permitted a maximum of twelve (12) players and a Minimum of five (5) to start the game. Coaches may designate five (5) starters and seven (7) substitutes on the line-up sheet and cannot use any student not listed on the line-up sheet.

F. Each player listed on the line-up sheet must have a different numbered jersey.

G. The Alliance championship is determined by the number of points accumulated in the league according to standard rules (win=3 points, loss=0 points, tie=1 point)

H. The championship’s tournament format will be decided by the coaches at the beginning of the season.

I. An all-star game will be scheduled to take place.

J. All rules are governed by FIFA’s regulation. (Thus, the word “FIFUSA” will be changed or substituted to read “FIFA”.) Ball size: for all contests a regulation size number #4 ball, low bounce will be used.

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