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A. Basic Rules
      1. Each team will consist of five (5) players listed on the eligibility roster during the competition. The team’s final score shall be determined by totaling the scores of the five (5) players with the fewest strokes.

      2. All tournaments will be governed by the USGA Rules.

      3. Stroke or Medal play will be in effect. This simply means that each player will count every stroke during the competition. There will be no handicap.

      4. The competition will consist of eighteen (18) holes.
      5. The golf season will consist of no less than three (3) regular season tournaments and a final Championship Tournament.

      6. No team or individual entry will be permitted to compete in any tournament unless accompanied by a coach or school representative. Teams or individuals unaccompanied will NOT be allowed to play. The school representative must be present throughout the competition.

      7. Coaches will assist the Commissioner in shuttling players to the different starting holes and in the scoring tournaments.

      8. Results will be emailed to the coaches and posted on the PRHSAA Web page.

B. Team Participation
      1. Any school may participate with three (3) or less players; however, they will not be eligible for any team championship.

      2. All schools must compete in the required amount of season tournaments established before the final schedule.

      3. TEAM SCORING: Each team will combine all four (4) players scores, which will make up their team score for that competition.

               a) EXAMPLE: Antilles High School

         Player #1. 85

         Player #2. 95

         Player #3. 105

         Player #4. 100

         Player #5. 112* *=Score eliminated for being the highest. The score is eliminated from the team total not from the individual’s for All-Star criteria.

                              TOTAl: 385

   4. DISQUALIFICATIONS: Any player who stops playing during a competition will be disqualified and could possibly disqualify his/her team. This is very serious offense, since it could possibly not allow the team to be eligible for any team championship.

C. Season Championship:

        1. The season tournament results will be based on four (4) competitions but no less than three (3) competitions.

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