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        2. The Low Scoring system will be used throughout the regular season.

                 a) EXAMPLE: Antilles High School
st Competition (1st. Place) = 1 point

                2nd Competition (3rd. Place) = 3 points

                3rd Competition (1st. Place) = 1 point

                4th Competition (1st. Place) = 1 point

                TOTAL Points:                6


In order to compete as a team you need four (4) players in every competition, however, schools without a complete team (3 or less players) may compete for individual awards (all-star, all-alliance and medals)

        3. The two teams with the lowest combined team scores will be awarded a 1st place and a 2nd place plaque/trophy.

        4. Ties to break a tie between two (2) or more schools, the lowest individual score for that team in that round will be compared with the similar lowest score of the team involved in the tie. In case of a continued tie we will go to the 2nd lowest individual scores of the teams involved.

D. Final Tournament:

         1. The top six (6) teams from the regular season standings will be the teams that qualify to compete in the final Championship Tournament.

         2. To be eligible to play in the final tournament as a team, you need to compete in the required amount of season matches established before the final schedule.

         3. Championship Final Tournament teams will consist of only four (4) players.

         4. To be eligible to compete in the final tournament as an individual you need to have competed in the required amount of season tournaments established before the final schedule, and be one of the top ten (10) players that are not competing with a complete team. No school may present in the championship tournament both a complete team of four (4) players and individual competitors.

         5. This competition will be composed of team and individual awards.

         6. TEAM SCORING: The two (2) top teams with the lowest combined scores will be awarded 1st and 2nd place plaques/trophy.

         7. INDIVIDUAL MEDALS: Medals will be awarded to the top ten (10) scores of the championship tournament.

E. All-Star Criteria:
    1. Top sixteen (16) golfers will be selected.

    2. Each golfer must compete in the required amount of season competitions to be eligible.

    3. An accumulation of these scores will determine their ranking.

    4. All-Star selection has nothing to do with Final Tournament.

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