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        5. An All-Star Polo shirt will be awarded.

        6. The amount of All-Star selections could be adjusted based on player participation.

F. All-Alliance Criteria:
        1. Top eight (8) golfers will be selected.

        2. Each golfer must compete in the required amount of season competitions to be eligible.

        3. An accumulation of these scores will determine their ranking.
        4. All-Alliance selections have nothing to do with the Final Tournament.

        5. Each golfer will receive a Certificate.

        6. The amount of All-Alliance selections could be adjusted based on the amount of participating teams that season.

G. All participants will walk the course carrying or pulling (nonelectric golf cart) their own equipment.

H. The use of cellular phones by players during the competition is prohibited. They must be turned off. They will only be authorized in case of an emergency.

I. All participants will tee off at the same tee.

J. There will be no coaching during the competition by School Staff, Parents and/or Individual Instructors.

K. Team must wear same color polo shirts with school identification. Pants should conform to proper golf attire code.

L. A maximum of eight (8) strokes per hole will be in effect.

M. Range finders are permitted as long as they only measure distance and not slope or wind conditions.

N. A tournament committee will be established consisting of the following: League Commissioner, Rules Official, host course pro/manager.

O. Spectators are permitted, but are not permitted to converse with participants and must stay at a distance of 30 yards away from any player.


A.  For the purpose of this By-Law, junior high is defined to mean 7th and 8th grade. No student may participate in junior high sports who are in the 9th grade or who has reached his 14th birthday prior to the first of September.

B.  No student may participate in a junior high sport if he has been listed on the varsity or junior varsity roster for that same sport.

C.Junior high sports will be governed by all those regulations which apply to other Alliance competition.

D.Regulations for particular sports will be the same as those elsewhere provided in these By-Laws (at the junior varsity level, where a sport is provided for at that level) unless otherwise agreed to in advance by all schools competing in a particular sport.

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