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G. If, upon investigation and decision of the Executive and Evaluation Committee, a school, team, coach, athlete, team follower and/or spectator should be judged guilty of any of the serious infractions contemplated in By-Law 33 E:

    1. A school may be subject to censure and/or fines. Removal of censure will require compliance with the recommendations of the Executive and Evaluation Committee. In addition, the Executive and Evaluation Committee may recommend to the council that a school's entire athletic program be placed on probation or that the school be suspended from the Alliance.

    2. An athletic director, coach and/or member of a team's personnel may be subject to censure, fines, probation and/or suspension.

    3. A team and/or student athlete may be subject to censure, probation and/or suspension.

   4. The game or contest during which the infraction occurred will be forfeited if won by the violating school.

   5. During the appeal process the decision of the Executive Committee will remain in effect.

H. Probation of a school's entire athletic program and/or suspension from Alliance activities can be decided only by the Alliance Council:

   1. Upon recommendation of the Executive and Evaluation Committee or motion at a Council meeting, a school may be considered for probation or suspension.

   2. Probation will be for a minimum of one year and makes a school ineligible for all trophies, awards and participation in championship tournaments. Individual athletes remain eligible for individual awards and recognition including participation in post season tournaments in cross- country, golf, swimming and track & field.

    3. Suspension results in loss of membership. After a full year of suspension, a school can apply for probationary membership.


A. A standardized regular season championship trophy will be awarded for all Jr. Varsity, Varsity and Jr. High team sports. This trophy will be retained by the winning school. Also, a second place trophy per division will be awarded in all varsity, junior varsity and junior high sports at the end of the regular season.

B. An individual trophy will be awarded to the highest scorer in the track and field championship tournament. An individual trophy will be given to the best Varsity, Jr. Varsity and Jr. High runners, based on participation in all cross country tournament meet and the championship meet. Simplified results addition method low score wins) will be used and one throw-out race is allowed to protect all athletes from specific situation that otherwise would affect the runner.

C. Individual certificates will be given to each all-alliance selection in volleyball, football, basketball, softball, soccer, indoor soccer, baseball and bowling. These certificates shall bear the signature of the Alliance president and the commissioner of that sport.

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