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B. The winner of the trophy will be determined by vote of the Alliance Council at the last meeting of the year. In the event that no school receives a majority of the votes, a second vote will be taken among the three schools receiving the greatest number of votes. If a second vote is needed, a plurality of votes will determine the winner of the trophy.

C. The following criteria will be used, at the discretion of each voting member, in considering candidates for the trophy:

  1. Positive participation and effective control of players, teams, spectators, personnel, and all other groups and persons representing the school.

  2. Demonstrated respect for the person and authority of sport officials, league representatives, and school personnel.

  3. Conduct, language, and attitudes consistent with the stated Alliance philosophy and the educational nature of interscholastic competition.

  4. Recommendations accompanied by supporting statements from officials’ organizations and sport commissioners.

  5. School’s support for and contribution to the Alliance.

D. Schools whose program(s), personnel or students) have been subjected to disciplinary action by the Council or Executive and Evaluation Committee during the current school year will not be eligible for the trophy.

E. Schools which are on disciplinary probation will not be eligible for the trophy.


A. All-alliance selections will be made in volleyball, football, basketball, soccer, softball, baseball, and indoor-soccer the weekend of the termination of the scheduled games of the respective sport.

   1. Schools which do not submit either all-alliance or all-star nominations or do not indicate a response that they have no nominations shall not vote for these selections.

   2. Schools which do not vote for all-alliance or all-star selections shall have their nominees dropped from the list of nominations.

B. All-alliance selections will be made in the following manner:
   1. Each coach or athletic director will nominate players of his team for all-alliance honors.

   2. Each coach or athletic director will then vote by preference for nominees and/or non-nominees, not of his school, making a selection providing:

              a) for football, of three (3) backs, two (2) ends, two (2) guards, and one (1) center for the offense; and four (4) backs, two (2) ends, and two (2) guards for the defense.

              b) for baseball, of four (4) outfielders, five (5) infielders, two(2) pitchers, and two (2) catchers per division.

              c) for basketball, of ten (10) players per division.

              d) for volleyball, of eight (8) players per division. e) for softball, of thirteen (13) players per division.

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