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A) General Provisions

R-1 Application of the Rules

These Procedural Rules apply whenever the parties have agreed to refer a sports-related dispute to the Appeals Committee of the Puerto Rico High School Athletic Alliance. Such disputes involve an appeal against a decision given by the Executive Committee of the PRHSAA with regards to Disciplinary, Individual Sanctions and Eligibility Rules exclusively.

Such disputes may involve activity related or connected to rules and/or procedures of the PRHSAA and its school members. Nevertheless, this Committee of Appeals does not have jurisdiction over the subject matter addressed in By Law Number 16 of the Constitution of the PRHSAA.

R-2 Language

The AC-PRHSAA working languages are Spanish and English. In the absence of agreement between the parties, and taking into account all pertinent circumstances, the President of the Committee shall select one of these two languages as the language of the arbitration at the start of the proceedings before the Committee.

R-3 Representation and Assistance

The parties (member schools) may be represented or assisted by persons of their choice. The names, addresses, telephone and facsimile numbers of the persons representing the parties (i.e. School Administrator, Director of the Athletic Department and/or a Full/Time member of said Department) shall be communicated to the PRHSAA Office, the other party and the Committee after its formation.

R-4 Notifications and Communications

All notifications and communications that the AC-PRHSAA or the Panel intend for the parties shall be made through the PRHSAA. The notifications and communications shall be written in Spanish or in English and sent to the address shown in the statement of appeal, or to any other address specified at a later date. All decisions and/or orders made by the AC- PRHSAA and the Committee shall be notified by any means permitting proof of Committee.

All communications from the parties intended for the AC-PRHSAA or the Committee, including statement of appeal, as well as the reply shall be sent to the PRHSAA in as many copies as there are parties and committee members, together with one additional copy for the PRHSAA itself.

R-5 Time-limit

Upon application on justified grounds, either the President of the Committee or, failing him, the President PRHSAA may extend the time-limits provided in these Procedural Rules, if the circumstances so warrant.

R-6 Independence and Qualifications of Members of the Appeals Committee

Every member of the AC-PRHSAA shall be and remain independent of the parties and shall immediately disclose any circumstances likely to affect independence with respect to any of the parties. Every member of the AC- PRHSAA shall appear on the list drawn up by the Executive Committee of the PRHSAA shall have the availability required to expeditiously complete the appeal.

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