поздравления с новорожденным


Executive Committee includes suspension of a student/player of two (2) or more games and insofar as the appellant has exhausted the remedies available prior to the appeal, in accordance with the statutes or regulations of said sports body.

R-15 Statement of Appeal

The appellant shall submit to the AC - PRHSAA a statement of appeal containing:

a brief statement of the facts and legal arguments on which the application is based;
a copy of the decision appealed from where applicable;
the appellant’s request for relief;;

if applicable, an application to stay the execution of the decision appealed from, together with reasons.
a copy of the provisions of the statutes or regulations providing for appeal to the AC-PRHSAA.

Upon filing the appeal, the School Member shall pay the fee of $300.00 non refundable.

B) Special Provisions Applicable to the Appeal Proceedings (Cont.)

R-16 Time-limit for Appeal and Documents

The time limit for appeal shall be seven (7) days from the communication of the decision which is appealed from. The appellant shall file with the AC-PRHSAA a brief stating the facts and legal arguments giving rise to the appeal, together with all the exhibits and specification of other evidence upon which intends to rely on. Failing to comply, as such, the appeal shall be deemed withdrawn.

R-17 Number of Committee Members for the Appeal

The appeal shall be submitted to a Committee of three (3) members, except if the appellant establishes at the time of the statement of appeal that the parties have agreed to a Committee composed of a sole arbitrator or if the President of the PRHSAA considers that the matter is an emergency and the appeal should be submitted to a sole arbitrator.

R-18 Answer of Respondent

Within seven working days from the receipt of the grounds for the appeal, the respondent shall submit to the AC-PRHSAA an answer containing:

a statement of defense;
any defense of lack of jurisdiction;
any exhibits or specification of other evidence upon which the

respondent intends to rely.

R-19 Statement of Appeal and Answer Complete

Unless the parties agree otherwise or the Executive Committee of the PRHSAA orders otherwise on the basis of exceptional circumstances, the parties shall not be authorized to supplement their argumentation, nor to produce new exhibits, nor to specify further evidence on which they intend to rely after the submission of the grounds for the appeal and of the answer.

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