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B) Special Provisions Applicable to the Appeal Proceedings (cont.)

R-20 Scope of Panel’s Review, Hearing

The AC-PRHSAA shall have full power to review the facts and the law. Upon transfer of the file, the President of the Appeals Committee shall issue directions in connection with the hearing for the examination of the parties, the witnesses if necessary, as well as for the oral arguments. He may also request any other communication of the file of the disciplinary tribunal or similar body, the decision of which is subject to appeal.

R-21 Law Applicable

The Panel shall decide the dispute according to the applicable rules & regulations of the PRHSAA and the rules of law of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

R-22 Decision

The decision shall be rendered by a majority vote, or in the absence of a majority, by the President of the Committee alone. It shall be written, dated and signed. The decision shall state brief reasons. The signature of the President shall suffice. The AC-PRHSAA may decide to communicate the decision to the parties, prior to the reasons. The decision shall be final from such written communication.

The decision shall be final and binding upon the parties. It may not be challenged by way of an action for setting aside the decision because the parties expressly excluded all setting aside proceedings by agreeing to this Procedural Rules or in an agreement entered into subsequently, in particular at the outset of the appeal.

The decision shall be communicated to the parties within ten (10) working days after the filing of the answer of respondent such time-limit may be extended by the Executive Committee of the PRHSAA upon a motivated request from the President of the Appeals Committee. The decision or a summary setting forth the results of the proceedings shall be filed with the PRHSAA.

The decision shall become effective immediately.



The Alliance and the activities of its members shall promote equity in competition to assure that individual student-athletes and its schools will not be prevented unfairly from achieving the benefits inherent with high school athletics.

Eligibility requirements shall be designed to assure proper emphasis on educational objectives, to promote competitive equity among schools and to prevent exploitation of student-athletes.

Student-athletes shall be amateurs, and their participation should be motivated primarily by education and by the physical, mental and social benefits to be derived. Student participation in high school athletics is a pastime and a privilege, and student-athletes should be protected from exploitation and unfair competition.

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