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   1. Eligibility for Interscholastic Athletics.
      Only an amateur student-athlete is eligible to participate in any and all PRHSAA athletic competition.

   2. Demarcation.

      Member schools’ athletics programs are designed to be an integral part of the educational program. The student-athlete is considered an integral part of the student body, thus maintaining a clear line of demarcation between high school athletics and professional sports.

   3. Permissible Grant-in-Aid.

      A grant-in-aid administered by a member school is not considered to be pay or the promise of pay for athletics skill, provided it does not exceed the financial aid limitations.


   1. Pay

      Pay is the receipt or acceptance of any compensation (monetary or otherwise), awards or benefits in exchange for participation in any athletic event.

   2. Professional Athlete

      A professional athlete is one who receives any kind of compensation (monetary or otherwise), directly or indirectly, in exchange for participation in any athletic event, except as permitted by PRHSAA rules and regulations.

   3. Professional Athletics Team

      A professional team is any organized team that:
          (a) Provides any of its players more than actual and necessary expenses for participation on the team, except as otherwise permitted by this legislation. Actual and necessary expenses are limited to the following, provided the value of these items is commensurate with the fair market value in the locality of the player(s) and is not excessive in nature:

              (1) Meals directly tied to competition and practice held in preparation for such competition;

              (2) Lodging directly tied to competition and practice held in preparation for such competition;

              (3) Apparel, equipment and supplies;

              (4) Coaching and instruction;
              (5) Health/medical insurance;

              (6) Transportation (expenses to and from practice competition, cost of transportation from home to training/practice site at the beginning of the season and from training/practice site to home at the end of season);

              (7) Medical treatment and physical therapy;

              (8) Facility usage;
              (9) Entry fees; and
             (10) Other reasonable expenses; or

             (11) Declares himself/herself to be professional.

  4. Institutional Responsibilities

      If a member school receives any information or otherwise has cause to believe that a student-athlete’s amateur status has been jeopardized, the

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