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 11. Negotiations.

       A student athlete or their legal guardian who retains an agent or a lawyer to represent his or her interest with a professional team or league shall lose amateur status.

 12. Contracts and Compensation.

       An individual shall be ineligible for participation in any and all PRHSAA athletic competition if he or she has entered into any kind of agreement to compete in professional athletics, either orally or in writing, regardless of the legal enforceability of that agreement. An individual who signs a contract or commitment that does not become binding until the professional organization’s representative or agent also signs the document is ineligible, even if the contract remains unsigned by the other parties until after the student-athlete’s eligibility is exhausted.

 13. Matters Not Covered

       On any matter not covered by this By-Law, the Council may take any action that it deems in the best interest of the Alliance and/or in the best interests of athletic competition on a case by case basis.

 14. Jurisdiction and Recourse

      See By-Law 11 and By-Law 39 of the Constitution of the Puerto Rico High School Athletic Alliance.

 15- Grandfather Clause

      All current student-athletes , who at the date of approval of this By-Law, (September 04, 2008); are duly enrolled in a PRHSAA Member Institution, must cease to participate in any professional athletic competition or team, no later than SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 07, 2008, in order to maintain their eligibility to participate in any and all PRHSAA athletic competition. All PRHSAA Member Institutions shall be responsible for informing their student-athletes and parents, the approval and implementation of this By-Law. All PRHSAA Member Institutions shall immediately certify to the PRHSAA Executive Committee, the existence or non-existence, of all student-athletes, currently enrolled in their institution, who have ceased to participate in any professional athletic competition or team, and wish to maintain their PRHSAA Eligibility. Said certification must be signed by the institutions Director and Athletic Director. This Grandfather Clause shall ONLY benefit those student- athletes certified by each member institution. Upon receipt, of each Member Institution’s Certification, this Grandfather Clause shall cease to be valid.

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