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B. Duties as Treasurer

1. In the name of the Alliance, execute all checks for expenditures authorized by the Council. He shall be responsible for the receipt and deposit of all funds of the Alliance. He shall also account for all receipts, disbursements, and the balance on hand.

2. Perform all of the duties of the office subject to the control of the Council.
3. Present at the August meeting of the Council a breakdown of the expenses, by sport, expected for the coming year. These budgets will require approval of the Council.


Membership shall be on a voluntary basis and it will be restricted to those schools who meet the requirements outlined herein. The privileges conferred by each form of membership are described in By-Law 8.

A. FULL MEMBERSHIP will, upon unanimous approval of the Council representatives present and voting, as outlined before, is extended to schools which meet the following criteria:

1. The school must own or have access to facilities adequate for the sports in which it proposes to participate. Such facilities must meet the criteria specified in the rules for that sport or elsewhere in these By- Laws.

2. The school must participate in four of the following sports at the Varsity level: Volleyball, cross country, soccer, football, basketball, wrestling, swimming, indoor soccer, tennis, golf, track and field, baseball and softball. Participation is defined as fielding the minimum number of eligible students required for team scoring in all circumstances.

3. The philosophy of the school and its athletic program must be consistent with the philosophy and objectives of the Alliance as presented in the Constitution.

B. PROBATIONARY MEMBERSHIP for a period of one year will be extended to schools by the Council by two thirds of the votes:

1. During the year of a school's probationary membership, the Executive and Evaluation Committee will check to determine whether the school is complying with the membership criteria outlined in By-Law 6 A. In the May Council meeting at the end of a school's year of probationary membership, the Executive and Evaluation Committee will make a recommendation for further action to the Council.

2. Upon recommendation of the Executive and Evaluation Committee, a school will be admitted to full membership if it receives two thirds from the votes from the Council representatives present and voting. If a school after having been recommended for full membership by the Executive and

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