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Evaluation Committee or, having been recommended for full membership by the Executive and Evaluation Committee, fails to be admitted to full membership because it received one third or more negative votes from Council Representatives present and voting, the school will automatically be suspended from participation in the Alliance.

3. Schools suspended from participation in the Alliance at the end of one or two years of probationary membership must wait one full year before re- applying for membership.


1. The school must submit a formal application for membership in the Puerto Rico High School Athletic Alliance, Inc. The application must be presented in writing thirty (30) days prior to the May Council meeting, must be signed by the administrative head of the school, and must contain the following information:

a) A description of the type of school and a statement of its philosophy and objectives.

b) A statement on the school’s present enrollment of boys and girls in grades seventh (7th) through twelfth (12th).

c) A description of the facilities available to the school for athletic contests. They should have the necessary safety requirements and meet the regulations of the sport.

d) A copy of the school's student handbook.

e) A statement of how the school intends to fulfill the membership requirements as stated in By-Law 6 A, including a list of the sports in which the school intends to participate.

f) Two of the four sports that they are required to participate in, must be played in the school’s facilities. For Basketball, Volleyball, and Indoor Soccer (Futsal) the school must provide indoor facilities in school grounds.

g) Sports that are to be played outside of the school area they must meet all the requirements as stated in By Law 6 E c.

h) A description of their Physical Education Department

      1. Curriculum
      2. Number of teachers
      3. Part time and full time coaches

2. The Executive and Evaluation Committee will make the appropriate investigation and present to the Council at its May meeting the application for probationary membership of schools which in its judgment can conform to the membership requirements outlined in By-Law 6 A.

3. The Council will vote on the applications recommended by the Executive and Evaluation Committee. A school will be accepted for probationary membership if its application receives two thirds of the votes from Council representatives present and voting.

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